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Panels & Presentations

Want to host a panel or presentation?

Good, we want to see what you've got!

Van Isle Con is proud to provide an opportunity to up and coming and professional creators looking to share their knowledge and skills with an audience. Apply now to be apart of Van Isle Con 2019!

We thank everyone who applies! Please understand we have limited time and space and we look for a variety of creators to present at the show, so we are sorry if we are unable to accept your application this year.


All the best from the Van Isle Con team.

Panels and Presentations

Panelists will have a chance to present themselves, their craft and their knowledge to the public. Whether it's that new movie or book you helped work on or your latest accomplishment that you have been working towards for so long. You will need to be well prepared and organized and we will need you to be willing to do a run through before the show.


Panels are held in the Charlie White Theatre which seats 300 people. You will have access to a projector and screen, mic's, a podium, lighting, seating and support from our team and tech staff to ensure your presentation goes as planned. 

Demos and Workshops

Are you an artist or creator who wants to share their talent while adding energy, inspiration, and excitement to the exhibit hall and the show? Great, then apply now to be one of the many artists who will be creating works of art for the people to see throughout the day. 


We are working hard at providing artists and creators with a comfortable space to work in. Artists will have an opportunity to showcase their talent by creating a piece of work in the heart of the exhibit hall. This will be a fun, open presentation for all to see so you wont need to worry about sitting in a closed room with all the attention on you, although you might need to answer some questions. It's all in good fun.

Demos We are looking for artists to participate in an open space demo. Meaning you would be drawing, painting or what ever medium you so choose, in an open area for people to see. 


Workshops If you have a skill that you want to share with people in an educational manner then we would like to hear about it. Weather it be cosplay, make up, or anything creative for people to learn from, then apply now!

Apply Now!

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