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The artwork in this years poster represents the theme for our 2019 show, collaboration. We strive to support creators and as a comic convention it is essential that we collaborate with them to create a fun, inspiring and entertaining event while giving these creators opportunities. 

We see two new characters join our hero, ViGuy. Each one of them posses elements that represent comics through the decades. We see the very important sidekick with a bit of a modern look while at the other end we see the 80's and 90's represented with bright fun colours. ViGuy has always been a representation of what the essence of comics and superheroes are as well as a representation of beautiful Vancouver Island. The home of ViGuy and Van Isle Con. 

Artwork by: Josh Kully

posters from previous years


Whoa, you may be asking yourself did Van Isle Con get it's very own comic book with its very own character? Yup! You may also be asking yourself, did I just read a 3 page advertisement?


See ViGuy and his antics in his own adventures.

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