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Were you an exhibitor or did you attend Van Isle Con?Do you have a special story to tell about your experience at Van Isle Con? If so, we want to hear from you! 


Perhaps as an artist or exhibitor, you made a profitable sale or secured a new commission. Or, maybe you learnt something new from one of the special guests or other exhibitors that has helped you in your career goals. Maybe, you have been looking for the answer to a particular question and sitting in on one of the panels, you found the answer. Maybe, you met someone who you connected with and has made a big impact on your life. Whatever the case, we want to hear from you so that we can share these special stories with our sponsors, other exhibitors and the fans. 


If you would like to share your story please email us at and put "My Story" in the subject line. We will not share your name without your permission. Most of the information we gather will only be shared in general context.


Thank you, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences.

"At the Van Isle Comic Con, we were approached by a number of local content creators in various stages of adapting their novel and comic stories for the screen. The quality of imagination and passion that went into these works of art was astounding. With the goal of supporting local production and growing our film community, we spent time sharing our perspective on the film and media industry at large and some potential strategies to move projects forward. Being involved at the ground level in the creative community gives us the same satisfaction as assisting a feature or major network show to film on Vancouver Island. It makes it all the more rewarding when we see the work of these rising stars reach the big screen or go viral on the little screen.  


We look forward to continuing this story at next year's convention!"


our best,

Brian Globus

"I just had moved to the island and was used to a different circuit, paying outrageous prices for booth space that by the time you take into account your product costs and hotel expenses, plus the booth, you basically were in the hole or breaking even .  In other words giving your product away for free.


Struggling to find closer events that a small local business didn't have to always be handcrafted, I found this small one day show with actually fair prices.  The load in was so easy and an ample amount of room for several vendors.  


The bonus was that every person I met who put on the show, seemed to love doing the show because of the love of the stuff we are selling or promoting.  They actually cared about having just the right amount of vendors and were not greed fuelled to squeeze in too many vendors and then no one makes anything.  Even the security people were friendly, caring about if I was warm enough if they opened the door by my booth. 


That day I also met my neighbour vendor, a fellow leather artisan like myself who had no selfish bone in his body and actually offered me many resources, at his own disposal, to help me get ahead in my craft design.


Who knew that such special time could be found in a wee one day show."

From one of our exhibitors from the show!

"I have been an exhibitor at the past two Vancouver Island Comic Conventions, and the event just keeps getting better and better. I have been a nerd for the past ten years or so, but it is amazing to see all of the next generation of youth getting excited about nerdy things and embracing who they are. Events like VICC are especially welcoming because they are less expensive than big cons (BONUS!) and they offer a wide range of activities, panels, exhibitors, and guests for everyone's nerdy side to come out. I love that nerd events are nearly synonymous with inclusion and VICC is just another example of that. Everyone is welcome, and seeing people of all ages and backgrounds light up when they see something from their favourite fandom is what makes it so worth it. "

Katrina Darwin (The Geekery).


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