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A Look At "Into The Spider-Verse"

spider verse panel

Nick Kondo: Artist/Senior Animator Sony Pictures Imageworks

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse


Join Nick as he talks about some of the techniques that gave the film its unique look from an animation perspective. He'll break down the process of creating some of his most memorable shots and share what it was like to be a part of the team that created the groundbreaking Academy Award-winning film.

Don't miss your chance to speak to Nick one on one at his table in the exhibit hall and get his autograph! 

Blue Crew At Van Isle

Blue Crew Panel

Blake Foster and Michael Copon: Blue Rangers

Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers Time Force

Blue Crew Panel.jpg

Join Blake Foster and Michael Copon as they share both of their unique experiences playing blue rangers in the hit franchise Power Rangers as well as their own experiences working as actors.

You will be able to get a photo or autograph with Blake and Michael at their tables in the exhibit hall before and after their panel.

Behind The Lens: Working in TV and Film

Behind The Lens Panel

Joshua Allison: Costumer, Yvett Andre: Art Director, Terry Lewis: Set Decorator, and William Robson: Assistant Director

Once Upon A Time, Riverdale, Deadpool 2, and Sabrina

Behind the lens 1.jpg

This panel brings together people working behind the scenes of TV and film for an in-depth look at what they do and how they got started in the industry. Everything from creating the sets and costumes to directing. This is a perfect panel for those interested in what happens behind the scenes or a look into some of the most popular TV shows and movies.

Join the behind the lens crew after their panel outside the theatre for a meet and greet and a chance to ask them questions one on one. 

A Mixed Palette

Mixed Palette

Ken Steacy: WarBears, Renee Nault: The Handmaid's Tale, Taran Fiddler: Freelance Concept Artist.


3 talented artists, all with different styles, at different stages in their careers will come together to discuss what it's like getting started as an artist and working in the industry. With this diverse cast of panelists they will share their experiences and personal journeys with their art.

This panel will thrill the average art lover and enthusiast all the way to artists who are looking to get their careers started and want to hear what it's like from industry veterans and up and coming creators. 

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