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Who is

You see him all over our advertising, and you may be wondering "Who is that good looking guy?". Well, he's ViGuy!


When we started the show we thought, rather than a simple logo why not create our very own comic book character, it's more fun and interesting right? And so we did. Now, he is featured on all of our posters, he is the face of the convention and even has his own 3-page comic book from 2017.


ViGuy was created by Van Isle Con's artist Josh KullyThe idea for ViGuy was to encapsulate the essence of what we wanted the convention to be, into the image of a superhero.


The concepts given to our artist were, brining a comic con back to its roots, make the character unique and authentic, and incorporate the beauty of Vancouver Island. 


So a few character sketches were made using reference from other superheroes like Superman, to give it that old fashioned feel. But none of them were very interesting or all that original to look at, which was beginning to get frustrating and a little boring.  And somewhere in that frustration and boredom the need to make the character more colourful and fun came about, which lead to his design. 

His Creation

His Design

The inspiration for the costume comes from artist Josh Kully's favourite colour as a kid, purple. And being inspired by the blueish greenish tint Vancouver Island always seems to have. Throw some patches on his shoulders, casings on his ears that hold super powered abilities, and a red V on his forehead and you got yourself a ViGuy.

ViGuy early sketches.jpg
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