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Cosplayer: Skookum Props      

Photographer: Hanamaru Photography


Jeni Lee

Jeni Lee (Jenilee Cosplay) is a Vancouver Island based cosplayer. Combining her long term passion for art and video games, she dabbled in creating costumes of her favourite video game and TV show characters until turning it into a primary hobby. Falling in love with the community, she has attended many local and international conventions, won several awards competing in cosplay competitions, and has made guest appearances at conventions, LAN events and gaming tournaments. She has cosplayed some notable characters such as Nidalee (League of Legends), D.Va (Overwatch), Sylvanas Windrunner (World of Warcraft), and Sister of Battle (Warhammer 40k). Attending these events has allowed her to continuously grow and develop new skills and, most importantly, indulge in her passion in the world of Cosplay.



Anya is a local cosplayer, YouTuber, and diehard cartoon fanatic. For nearly a decade, she has used cosplay as a way of expressing her lifelong passion for fictional media, with Van Isle Con being one of the primary conventions which she attends each year. In addition to going to conventions, Anya also runs a YouTube channel which she uses as an outlet for sharing her love of cosplay and nerd culture. There, she posts weekly videos, the subjects of which range from stories about her experiences as a cosplayer, to vlogs covering her time at conventions, to cosplay help and how-to videos.


Murray Greissel

Murray Greissel is the founder and lead builder for Foam Friction. He began cosplay building in 2014 as a way to channel his creativity and as a form of stress release. Murray quickly found his groove as a builder and took to various foams and plastics to build epic Viking inspired armor and screen accurate costumes of his favorite Marvel characters.


Murray's builds have been featured in a variety of professional cosplay photoshoots, magazines and art displays throughout the Pacific Northwest.


When Murray isn't building his own epic costumes, he is teaching the other collective artists of Foam Friction and those new to cosplay building how to design and create their costumes. As if building his own costumes and teaching others how to build wasn't enough, Murray also likes to give back to the local cosplay community of the Pacific Northwest by offering to be a costume judge or panel speaker at various Comic Cons throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Brad Hallock

Brad Hallock (BH Cosplay) has been actively involved in the cosplay community for over five years.  He attends numerous comic cons all over the US and Canada as a VIP guest, cosplay judge, and panelist.  He has several award-winning cosplay costumes, and had the honor of being personally chosen and interviewed by Adam Savage for his website "Tested" last year at New York City Comic Con about his Fifth Element police cosplay.  While he is best known for foam armor builds, he has experience in sewing, wiring, FX, mold-making, and casting.  Look up "BH Cosplay" to see his work on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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