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Smash Bros Tournament Rules

three stocks

seven minutes

No items

Best of three

Single elmination


Stages (hazards off):


Final Destination


Pokemon Stadium 1

Lylat Cruise




Unova Pokemon League

Yoshi's Story

Town and City


Stage selection will be as follows:

The first game of a set can only be on a starter stage.

A best of one game of Rock-Paper-Scissors is played, and the winner chooses to strike stages first or second.

Striking will follow a 1-2-2-1 order, with the remaining stage being the one the match takes place on.

Players can opt out of the stage striking process if both players agree to the first stage.


For the second, and third game, the loser of the last game picks the stage, and can choose any starter or

counterpick stage. The winner of the last game may strike two stages of their choice that the loser cannot pick.

(these strikes do not carry over for any game beyond that one)


Players cannot counterpick a stage that they have already won on (Dave's Stupid Rule).


For game two on, the winner of the preceding match will pick their character first.


Sudden Death:

If a game goes to Sudden Death, the winner is determined by stocks and percentage at the time the game ends.

If both Stocks are taken at the same time, then a one stock match is played on the stage the final game was on.

The results of an in game 300% sudden death match will not count.


Self-Destruct moves:

If a game ends with a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner.

If a sudden death occurs, standard sudden death rules apply



Stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and at the discretion of tournament staff.

Stalling includes but is not limited to becoming invisible, continuing infinites past 300%, and reaching a

position that your opponent can never reach you. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the game for the

game for the player that initiated the action.



All pauses will incur a stock loss to the player who pauses the game. If the pause causes the opponent to lose a

stock, the player who pauses forfeits 2 stocks. 

An exception to this rule would be pausing to call over a tournament organizer, and this should only be done when

a player is on his or her own respawn platform.


Controller disconnects:

If a player’s controller becomes disconnected for any reason other than outside interference, it counts as if

the player paused the game and follows the same penalties. (An example would be a pro controller 

battery dying mid set)



Anyone who is not present for their set by 15 minutes past the scheduled start time is subject to a total

disqualification from the event.


In Game Rules:

Stock: 3

Timer: 7:00

Handicap: Off

Team Attack: On

Launch Rate: 1.0x

Items: Off and None

FS Meter: Off

Damage Handicap: Off

Custom Balance: Off

Spirits: Off

Pause: Off

Stage Selection: Loser’s Pick

Stage Hazards: Off

Stage Morph: Off

Underdog Boost: Off

Score Display: Off

Show Damage: Yes

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